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Cosplaying both Jean and Eren, interesting seeing these side by side

imheretocrushthepatriarchy sent: you look like hannah hart

(( I have gotten this many many many times, and I have been mistaken for Hannah once in public-

how do I go about telling a youtube star I’m her apparent internet twin? ))

Anonymous sent: and i'm pretty sure you also find attractive imaginary characters

(( ESPECIALLY imaginary characters- but they are unattainable for dating so humans are the next best thing I guess. )) 

Anonymous sent: So you're not a lesbian

(( I do find women attractive…..and men attractive….and non-binary people attractive.

In general I find humans attractive, if that offers you a little insight. ))

Anonymous sent: I sooooo see you dating that Jean cosplayer your always around with /)////(\

(( Though I ship EreJean pretty hard, my Jean cosplay bud and I are just friends~ ))

Jean and I
we actually can tolerate one another, sometimes

Jean and I

we actually can tolerate one another, sometimes

" I… rather not say…"

Anonymous sent: You live in PA? So do I.

(( Rural farmland is the best am I right ))

Anonymous sent: I have to admit I've never watched the show, I followed you because you're just so darn attractive :x

(( You are following my trashy askblog and you don’t even watch SNK? That’s dedication man…))